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Has anyone else had issues with Sirius Radio taking control of their NAV system??
Friday night, I went out to the car to change some settings and try to learn more about Android Auto, if I could even get it to load. Without doing anything, all the sudden Sirius XM Preview starts playing loudly through my radio. I can’t change the volume or tune to an AM/FM station or select Bluetooth or USB audio, all of which previously worked fine. The preview still played even after turning the car off and trying to power off/on the radio. All I can do it Mute it. Thank goodness for that.
It is an advertisement with some music. After hearing the 800 number several times, I was able to memorize it long enough to call them. (844-711-8800). I did my best to politely explain the problem, and in the 30 to 35 minutes on the phone with the initial person and then Tech Support, REQUESTING TO GET THE PREVIEW STOPPED IMMEDIATELY, I only launched One F-Bomb. I did not request a preview, they said the Dealer did. They also said my problem was unusual and would call me back when it was resolved, plus tell me what they determined the cause was. It was 39 degrees, rainy and 94% humidity. I had been using the heat in the car, but after the ANNOYING preview began, I couldn’t stand to sit in the car. At some point, I noticed I couldn’t use the Heat Controls either. The system would not switch off SIRIUS to let me use the Climate Settings. To say I was not a Happy Camper, would be an understatement. Who creates a preview that totally locks-up all Media, Climate controls, Volume and everything else controlled by Chrysler's touchscreen?? I am surprised Chrysler allows Sirius to get away with this. I am glad I was only sitting in my garage playing around and not out actually trying to use the car. I told Sirius “No e-mails, no phone calls, no ads, if I want to talk to them I'll initiate it.”
I went out to the car after about 2 hours and it was back to normal. Overall, only 2 hours after I called them. I need to send them a bill. I am supposed to still have the Preview but I am afraid to try it. I should when I park it for the day and can leave it, just in case.
Sirius did call a day or two ago and said I should take my car into a Dealer because they think it is a Satellite Module causing the problem. Has anyone else had a similar problem or resolution? I am already concerned this will be a waste of time and only leading to Chrysler blaming Sirius and Sirius already saying it’s my car. Suggestions? Overall, I don’t ever see needing or wanting Sirius Service in my ride. Might just do nothing. All else is working fine.
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