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Does anyone have an itemized list of the Ohms and Wattage ratings of the Boston Acoustic Sound Group 2 8 speaker setup in the 05-11 Chrysler 300s? I replaced my 6x9's for my birthday... Yeah, I have a great wife... But, we were trying to do the blown sub too...

It's an 8" Boston Acoustic subwoofer, but I can't find what the ohm rating is on it, and I keep getting mixed opinions through the different forums... Some say 8 ohm, most say 2 ohm, but then some say 4 ohm... Which is it?

I even called the local dealer, and they had no clue, but could sure tell me it was $100 to order a new one. Bah...

Anyone know? I'm just looking to buy an exact match in ohms to replace it with another free standing sub in the rear deck for now.
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