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Installed the starter in my wife's 07 W.P. Chrysler Signature Edition AWD.

was a learning experience to be sure, for anyone who has to do this follow these steps after unhooking negative battery terminal in trunk. 1)Remove heat shield over steering rack two 5/16 screws. 2)Remove steering rod from rack 13mm bolt, move to side. 3)Unbolt steering rack three 18mm bolts, pull down.

4)Remove heat shield from drivers side exhaust manifold/ downpipe two 15mm nuts. 5)Remove lower 2 15mm bolts from coolant line hold down bracket, loosen top 15mm bolt, flip bracket up and free line. 6)Drain coolant, unhook silver coolant line front and back move out of way

7)Remove the 3 15mm starter bolts, unhook wires 13mm nuts remove starter. 8)I found it very difficult to remove the nut from the solenoid to remove the battery cable, not enough cable (3 hours) so I installed a 24" 2 gauge cable extension and 14 gauge solenoid wire to the new starter.

9) Reverse steps to install
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