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New to Chrysler, but have worked on a number of cars and models. Issue I'm having is I can start the car, it idles up and then dies like shutting off the key.
Now, this car has been sitting for a couple of years and has the 5.7 V8. Initially the car had no fuel pressure, but had spark and injector pulse during cranking. I then replaced the fuel pump and the car started perfectly and ran up to temperature without issue. Thought, that was too easy. Proceed to shut off the car after taking it for a 5 minute test drive around the block. Let it cool while looking things over and from that point it will only start and die.
Re-checked spark - good
Re-checked injector pulse - good,
Checked fuel - seemed good, but I don't have a pressure tester. I can pull the fuel line and gas comes out but seems slow. Also, I can keep the car running with starting fluid after it's cranked. So at this point I know it's a fuel issue, but I don't know if there is a filter that's clogged or another way the flow could be obstructed. I have also directly powered the fuel pump by jumping the relay and it still dies the same. It will always start, run up to 1500 rpm then a second later die.

Any insight on what to check next would be greatly appreciated.

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