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Hi and thanks for anyone that can help!

I am experiencing some issues with my radio. Right now I have an iSimple adapter plugged into the back of my radio. That allows me to plug my Zune into my factory radio. All of the sudden one day I realized that when I hit bumps in the road I hear crackling while it is playing. So that night I took the radio out and look over the connections. I rarely listen to the actual Radio broadcasting but I tried it and I was not receiving any FM stations. So I removed the iSimple and plugged the original antenna plug into the back of the radio. Still no FM. I took my radio inside to inspect it and I noticed I might be missing something. I attached a picture of what my radio looks like (not my actual radio) but I do not see a metal wire coming out of the very center of the antenna port on the back of radio. On my antenna adapter that changes it from the original antenna wire to my iSimple box there is a metal wire in the center of it (Kind of like a coax cable for cable TV has that metal wire out of the center of it). So that is where I got an idea my radio might be at fault.

Could anyone provide me with some additional info or suggestions to have my radio get FM stations again? I have looked into buying a new factory radio but I'm not for sure that will fix my problem either. What do you guys think?

Thanks for your help!


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