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Apologies for the lengthy post. My issue is a weird one and im just trying to give as much background as possible. Desperate for answers before its broken into again!!!

I have a 2005 RWD 300c. The aftermarket stereo was recently stolen. When the took the headunit they also took the entire center bezel with climate control panel, hazard & TC buttons & clock still attached. For whatever reason every plug was left intact except the climate controls. They cut the wiring harness on the car side of the connection. I went to a local u-pull and found a replacement panel along with all equipment as well aswith the ends of the pigtails that had been cut.
I went through and matched and rewired everything thoroughly. Controls work great!
However their are quite a few issues now...
y radio does not shut off with the car.
-Key fob no longer locks/unlocks, sets alarm, or pops trunk.
-Interior lights only come on when key is in on/run position.
-Electronic lock buttons on front door panels only unlock door when key is in on/run position. (They do not lock at all)
-Accessory position for key provides no power.

What could issue be?
I have no idea where to begin to solve this problem so any advice would be helpful.
Thank you in advance!!!
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