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Dear All,

Have you got the disturbing Service TPM System MSG. on your dasboard.

Dose the System Sends you correct reading on the dasbaord LCD

The Tire attintion lamp dosent ilum on the dash even with the error on the LCD

So do not rush your self and spend money over sensors and follow these steps:


Manual tire Presure gage.



1- Over presure your tires but dont excede 45PSI (45PSI+ will damage the sensore)

2- Draw a diagram of your car and write the Presure on your car screen on it

3- grap your handy gage and go to each tyre and first check for match of the presure reading (if matched then the sensore is OK).

4- now depresure the tyre to the correct presure and check which tire on the dashboard presure drops then write the correct tire position on the sketch

5- move your tires around according to the diagram or reprogram the TPS with the correct position

6- take a ride on yor 300C and the Service TPM System will disapear.

I had this problem in my 300C followed these steps and the result was

FR goes FR
RR goes FL
FL goes RL
RL goes RR

no damaged sensors
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