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Not Chrysler related, but interesting. I have been helping a friend out by patching up his disintegrating 01 Eldorado (surprise, surprise!!). This time, water pump (very different than Chrysler). since it was already in a state of teardown I decided to replace the transmission fluid, filter, sieve of a pan seal (1+ quart/ mo). In his mind it was getting a complete fluid change every year so wanted to reuse the fluid (NO!!!). Today I returned the loaner water pump tool, I decided to return the xenon bulb he bought (wrong one) for last repair ($28 WOW) so I decided to buy fluid with the credit, $8 quart, $25 gallon wasn't going far, 2 closeout rows $2/quart because it is in a foreign language literally.

I started googling to see what it actually was, took a while, but the WS and LV abbreviations gave it away: Dexron VI Mercon LV.

This company was trying to sell at a premium ($10/quart original) to import enthusiasts which failed miserably. Bought all 6 quarts, as well as the 6 at the Autozone across town, so I can put new fluid in his car and be on budget.
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