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First, I want to thank ItalianGuy63 for his excellent write-up on the 300C taillight conversion (I believe it was originally posted "over there"). I was able to follow it, and have (mostly) successfully converted my car. The only problem I am having is an occasional rapid blinker flash (I think this is called the "fast flash" issue) when the ambient temperature falls below about 65 degrees F.

I used the Signal Dynamics Corp ballast that he suggested, and connected the black ground to the silver faceplate of the FCM with a soldered and crimped terminal ring connector. The only difference is I had to use the top screw (he used the bottom) because my bottom screw was corroded (I am the second owner of my '06 Touring. Have had it about a year).

Whenever it gets cold (about 65 degrees F), typically evenings and early morning, the blinker flashes very rapidly as if ungrounded. The problem is symmetrical, so I think it must be related to either the Ballast or my ground connection. During the day it operates perfectly. If I drive the car for a while, the engine compartment sometimes gets warm enough that the fast flash goes away. I have even experienced the car going from fast to slow flash mid-turn as the temperature crossed the necessary threshold.

When I first experienced this, I thought I might have a poor solder connection at the black ground wire. I snipped the end and resoldered. Everything worked fine for a while, but I think it was just that we were going through a warm spell here in New Jersey.

This morning I did a little troubleshooting, and found something interesting: If I disconnect the ground wire completely, the blinker will flash normally for 4-6 flashes, and then go into rapid mode. I can get 4-6 good flashes out of each side independently before they both go rapid (in other words, if I blink left, it will be fine for 4-6 flashes, then go rapid. If I switch to right, it will again blink 4-6 flashes, then go rapid. Once both sides go rapid, they will stay that way until I turn off the car and turn it back on. I can even do 1 slow flash left, 1 slow right, back and forth for 4-6 per side, before they both go rapid).

Unfortunately, it is warm enough right now that everything works properly. I will try again tomorrow or tonight to do some multimeter tests if it is cold enough to go into rapid mode on its own.

What might be causing this? What and where should I be testing/troubleshooting?

Thanks for any help you can provide,
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