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Rather than Reviving an old Post, I'll start a new one and just paste the previous old post in here to get started.

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Regarding my Chrysler 300 2016, with VIN# 2c3ccaag4gh132260, I tried to update the ucoonect software from:
Software Update for Uconnect® - Check For Updates
however, it not listed and I contacted them to fix the issue and they refused beacuse the car is exported middle east.

Here what I did:
1- I used another VIN with the same model and I downloaded this version:

RELEASE DATE: 2018-03-23

but the system refused to update and said VP3 is needed and this software is VP4.

2- I looked up for another VIN and I downloaded this software version:

and also not updated, a message said this software is not compatible.

I looked over many VIN's but I got either software in 1 or 2.

Can you assist me to fix this issue for me.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>My issue:

Hello Mate,

I upgraded my 2018 Chrysler 300 from one UCONNECT Radio to Another Uconnect due to the Display Delamination

I bought it from, so FCA only has my previous UCONNECT Radio in their system. So when I go to check to see if there’s any updates at it goes by the VIN and not the Radio Serial # like I wish it would and tell me there is No Updates available, which I am sure it's false because I am missing some functions off this new system.
I am looking for ways to just Re-Install the Firmware to see what happens,
Can you help with either downloading one for a 2018 Chrysler 300 Touring or providing me a VIN for that vehicle that is different than mine (2C3CCAAG8JH250173 ) to address this issue?
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