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So I just bought a 2007 300 srt8 for a second car. Low miles and great shape, all stock. Just wanted something cheap so I wasn't beating up my superduty on stop and go around town stuff. I always liked the look of the older 300's. Anyway, I hated how weak the stock exhaust sounded so I put some mufflers on and pulled the resonators. I sounds better but need more. I have a guy in town that will build anything exhaust related in town. I want to pull the cats but need a tuner first. I've done some research and found some basics about upgrades but have ?'s about them.

1) The 180 t-stat. I hear jet but can't you just go to the auto parts store and pick one up? I have noticed the car does run on the hot side but not alarming. Also need a programmer for fan control.

2) Tuning/programmer. So it seams the diablo is a popular choice and a guy named Johan Mangs to do a custom tune. I looked up the name and came up with a site "Diablotoona" which does tunes but can you buy the tuner from him also or get it somewhere else? If somewhere else where is the best deal on one?

3) Air intake. LMI and afe stage 2 I hear are 2 good choices. I know they don't do much but I'm putting in a catch can I had sitting in the garage and would be nice to have little more room to mount it.

I'm not going all out with the car just basic mods for now. Just new to hemi's and looking for the best vendors to get parts. Price and service. Thanks
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