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2020 300S 5.7L, Alloy Edition, Black on Black
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Just bought a 2019 touring v6, I asked the dealer that I bought it from and he said 89 or 91 but Google says 87 so I don't know what to believe 馃し
What does your manual state? Chrysler typically recommends the highest octane available for best performance - fuel mileage. I read where the Pentastar can use 87 octane and ethanol blended fuels up to E85, making the 300 equipped with the Pentastar V6 a Flex Fuel vehicle.

By contrast, any fuel rated less than 89-90 octane isn't recommended for the 5.7. Again, Chrysler recommends the highest octane available for best performance and fuel economy.

I prefer non ethanol blended gasolines and 93 E0 is available in my area - use 93 E0 as a result. Not cheap since it's classified as a 'recreational fuel' (used to be normal gasoline). Paid $5.69.9 most recently. I drive very little except on trips. At home, my vehicles get refueled every couple of months or so.

Note: Ethanol Free gasolines are artificially priced higher while ethanol blended gasolines are government subsidized. Ethanol blended gasolines typically have a much shorter shelf life than non ethanol blended fuels. Ethanol blended motor fuels are less efficient, providing fewer BTUs of energy during the combustion cycle. While tail pipe emissions from ethanol fueled vehicles are slightly cleaner, the process to obtain the ethanol and blend it into motor fuels is a complete financial scam, food chain disaster, pollution disaster, but a political success. Sad and pathetic.
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